Sporadic Snow Makes for Difficult Driving

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ARCHBALD -- Freezing cold and snow squalls have caused some problems for drivers in Lackawanna County.

Depending on where you were in Lackawanna County, you either noticed a mostly mild December day, or encountered icy roads and snow squalls throughout the afternoon.

From the Casey Highway to Business Route 6 in Archbald, the snow came down and the ice caused some problems.

"This came up really quick. I don't think we really expected anything until later. It was clear at one point, and everything started sticking at another point," said Tom Taylor, Asst. Chief Wilson Fire Company #1.

"Dunmore had no snow, and here was pretty bad," said Alana Solimini of Mayfield.

Because of snow squalls and freezing temperatures, crews shut down several roads across Lackawanna County after drivers were spinning out or struggling getting up hills.

Snow aside, this was a special day for Natalie Olsommer of Greentown. She got her driver's license. Lucky for her, it was a sunny day when she passed the test. Then she had to deal with the snow.

"The past couple of days haven't been too bad, but it was pretty bad because I saw people with their hazard lights on pulled to the side of the road," she said. "It was eye-opening to see that."

The snowy conditions weren't all bad for some people. For those working at a Christmas tree stand, the snow actually helped get others into the holiday spirit.

"We had nothing all day long. It snowed for maybe 45 minutes, and the road was a disaster," said Craig Shander.

Shander works at Wittenbreder's Christmas Tree Stand which is located on Betty Street in Archbald. The street was closed briefly because of the ice. Shander ended up slipping and falling because of it, but the snowy conditions didn't slow down business. Shander admits it might've even worked in the business' favor.

"I think people who are afraid to drive might hold back a little bit, but it might get people into the Christmas season and they might go out to get a Christmas tree."

Plenty of crews were seen out on roads sprinkling the brine solution to help clear those roads, but officials stressed that with temperatures dropping, you shouldn't drive if you don't have to.


  • Marvin

    Wayne County was a disaster. Obviously, PennDot doesn’t have anyone monitoring weather and road conditions. Trucks did not mobilize until hours after the icy conditions began. Motorists were stranded for hours and cars were off the road everywhere. Our tax money should be used to hire competent individuals.

  • Lisa

    I was on Betty Drive it was a sheet of glass. An Archbald police officer was out of his car guiding and encouraging each and everyone up the hill. WELL DONE. Chief you have some fine officers.

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