Southern Columbia Falls to Steel Valley in Title Game

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Southern Columbia, the top-ranked team in the Super 16 Countdown, lost to Steel Valley 49-7 in the State "AA" Championship Game. Jim Coles spoke to the Tigers after their first loss of the season.


  • Mr. Papageorgio

    Seals??? Really, that’s all you got? AAAA team that cant get out of its own way….give me a break. I am a big Southern fan and yeah they got pounded, but they were there. Did the Seals even make the playoffs? Southern is a winning team and everyone is out to get the winners because their teams loose. Good job this year Tigers. Next year we will even be better. Seals…ha,ha…you were serious, right….Seals….

  • Ashley

    Hahha it’s about time they lost.. They got shut down. It’s bout time and I don’t feel bad for them at all! Now maybe WNEP will shut the hell up bout the Tigers. They choked today and I find it funny! 😂😂😂 The Seals will see you next year!

    • Mike

      You forget that those are kids playing out there and saying good they lost you should be embarrassed of yourself. Those young men work hard to get where they are and in these days that should be congratulated. In a time when all you see in the news is negative behavior something good should be praised. The same goes for the Steel Valley team they where a class act and a lot of fun to watch even though my team did not win today watching and seeing young men doing something good for themselves and their communities is a good thing.

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