Update: I-80 in Luzerne County Back Open After Multi-Vehicle Crash

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NESCOPECK TOWNSHIP -- A part of Interstate 80 east in Luzerne County was closed early Saturday morning due to a multi-vehicle crash.

A snow squall came through the Hazleton area Saturday morning. It slicked up Interstate 80, causing a multi-vehicle crash in the east bound lanes.

The road between the Nescopeck/Conyngham exit and the Mifflinville exit is closed.

Drivers were detoured off Route 90 at Route 93.

Several vehicles were involved, including a salt truck.

There is no word on any injuries.

Traffic in the west bound lanes was moving slowly.

The interstate was  back open by 10 a.m.


  • papokergod

    To the idiots saying “PennDot not out there”. The hell they weren’t. You people must have been in your mom’s basement. I traveled from Wilkes-Barre to Hershey Friday Afternoon when these squalls were out and about. Wile I was lucky and saw nothing more than some dry blowing snow, there were a TON of Salt trucks out there and plenty areas with brine already down. PennDot can’t do anything with a squall anyway. When you get 2′ in less then a half hour, that salt they lay down isn’t going to do anything for a few minutes after it stops. Makes me wonder if the ones complaining are the say idiots who don’t shovel their sidewalks after 6″ of snow.

  • Sid

    In all fairness to both the drivers involved and penn dot, squalls are very unpredictable, one of the biggest dangers of winter driving. Never underestimate a squall, slow down, pull well off the road if possible and wait it out.

    • Think before you speak

      These truckers risk their lives to bring food to your mouths and every other item you touch on a daily basis. Think before you speak. I worry about my brother on the road everyday, but this is what he chose to do in his life as his occupation. Everyday he is cut off and barely missed hitting another because the four wheelers do not understand they cannot stop on a dime. These truckers strap their loads and double check and three times check to make sure it is secure for their safety and the safety of others on the road. We should be considerate of everyone on the roads today and slow the hell down. Here let me give you an example of what else truckers haul. My brother pulls military equipment out of Virginia coming from out of the country to be repaired and brought back to help our U.S. Military fight a war in another country. So in a nut shell where everyone blames everyone before they think about what could have possibly caused the truckers to be taken as careless drivers, well It’s sad that everyone blames the trucker, but not always is it their fault. Just something to think about! They are just doing their job as they have a destination as everyone else on the road.

      • sc

        thank you for speaking up.
        people whom never operated a 80ft long, 80,000lb semi have nothing to base their opinions on. Yet the haters are likely the ones that never (yield) when merging from an on-ramp and cut us off last minute to exit. ive had a few times people purposly spike the brakes in front of Me because they feel my slower rate of speed or lack of agility inconveniences them, so in anger they try to kill Me and other Truckers.
        Not all Truckers are (good) drivers but ill add…most other trucks i pass or pass Me are focused on driving. Most cars i pass or pass Me are on a Cellphone….(thats a fact.)

      • the unstupid trucker

        I’m a truck driver and I come on to say most drivers suck! And not because of inexperience. Because they want to be hot doggin’ cowboys. No need for it. If the roads are hazardous, STOP! If you have a dispatcher that forces you, QUIT! There’s plenty other good paying companies out there that this shouldn’t be tolerated. I have always told my dispatch, “I’m stopping, not up for discussion.” I have never been fired. And I told it to more than one company. I’m proud to say I have a clean license and I havenever killed anyone ovet dog food or bottled water. To these drivers who drive in hazardous conditions, I say get a backbone and tell your dispatcher to go F themselves. If you still run cuz you got your azz in debt, well that’s your problem for being a stupid trucker. Does anybody need anymore education from me? If not, park ’em and I’ll chat with you later.

      • Common Sense

        Salt trucks NOT doing their job…….AND being operated by SEASONAL, Part -Time employees.
        BUT, the dummies still think it’s somebody else’s fault.
        NO training, unqualified operators from the state DOT…………They have a passport and have been tested for 5 drugs, that must mean they can drive a snow plow……….The Troopers give them a CDL and the state gives them a (part-time, no benefits) state job…….doing an extremely dangerous yet vital task………..What could possibly go wrong?????
        (WNEP ran the story about them looking for some part-timers to plow)
        OR be a REAL dummy and blame the truckers.

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