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“The Gift” Gives to Luzerne County for the 23rd Year

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- Folks are flocking to catch a gift that keeps on giving in Luzerne County.

This is the 23rd year that "The Gift" was performed in the back mountain.

The live action play features over 100 actors and live animals. The Gift tells the story of the "true meaning of Christmas."

"It's just fabulous, it's just wonderful to be here at this time of year, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ," commented Sherry Huntzinger of Dallas.

"It's always been a great thing for the community, it's always a good time. It spreads a good message and stuff like that, just that it's almost like second nature now," said Abraham O'Connell of Noxen.

The play is held every year at Back Mountain Harvest Assemble and draws nearly 1,500 from all around to watch.

The show is free and runs December 10th at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and again on December 11th at 6.