Hillsgrove Community Works to Recover after Flood

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HILLSGROVE TOWNSHIP -- Christmas Day will mark two months since flash floods ripped through Sullivan County. Several cabins were damaged or destroyed, but one family's home was leveled and they are still struggling to bounce back.

We met the Hull family a few days after that flood washed away nearly everything they owned and left their beloved dogs dead.

Right now the Hulls are paying rent where they are staying. They are also paying the mortgage on their home that was destroyed.

It's hard to keep your belongings safe when almost everything you own is buried under a pile of debris.

"People have been rummaging through so I figure I better come up here and get some stuff out of the way," said Michele Hull.

It's been almost two months since Michele Hull's home in Hillsgrove was savaged by flood waters from Mill Creek.

"I can be sitting at home and get homesick cause I can't really go home," Hull said.

Hull's property is not in a flood plain so she didn't think she needed flood insurance. Her family is now paying rent on a cabin and an $800 monthly mortgage for the home that's been destroyed and that they can't afford to clean up.

"We just want to get out from under it. There's no way we would feel safe rebuilding here."

The bridge over Mill Creek is going to be rebuilt. Right now, a portion of Route 87 is closed.  PennDOT plans to build a two-lane temporary bridge by March 2017.

It's not just affecting the drivers that are being detoured around Hillsgrove. It's also affecting the businesses in the area.

"When you don't have traffic, you don't have business," said Dennis Renninger.

Renninger used to own the Hillsgrove Country Store on Route 87 He says a lot of deer hunters usually drive through Hillsgrove to get to state game lands this time of year.

"It's really hard on all the local businesses all over, not just here in Hillsgrove, in a lot of these small towns," Renninger added.

PennDOT says that temporary bridge will be in place by March. They expect to have the new bridge open by October.

Click here if you would like to help the Hull family.

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