No Tax Increase in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- For the first time in at least a decade, the city of Scranton has a budget with no tax increases

With a vote of four to one, Scranton City Council passed the $108 million spending plan at a meeting Thursday night.

Mayor Bill Courtwright said a tax hike was avoided due to the sale of city assets, including the city's parking garage. The sale helped to refinance the city's debt.

The city also settled a judgment against it that ordered it to pay back to the police and fire unions.

The budget goes into effect January 1 in Scranton.


  • Franko

    Yeah, no property tax hike, but wait until the school tax hike comes into play — they will be starting the year on Jan 1st about $30-million in the red !!! Because of the “red” balance they are ending this year with and the already $17 million they will start next year with… But that’s right people, keep supporting the fact that Scranton shouldn’t claim bankruptcy and they should give in to the teacher union raises and pay more into benefits while the employees pay less or next to nothing.
    People of the city get exactly what they deserve eventually from voting these idiots into office — an expensive place to live on while the average person makes less than $10/hr…


    The councilmen must have had a stroke or something, Scranton with out a tax hike is like a chilidog with out intestinal consequences, it just doesn’t happen/

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