New Airline Fare Gets Mixed Reviews

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Next year, folks looking to travel by air might have to dig a little deeper into their pockets if they plan on bringing a lot of luggage.

United Airlines is introducing a fare requiring passengers to pay for luggage in the overhead bin.

Whether headed to Charlotte or Philadelphia, travelers lined up looking to catch a flight out the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport.

With a backpack or suitcase, it's just another day for the many men and women checking in their luggage. But for frequent fliers, the cost of that luggage is starting to become a hassle.

"The cost is going up but the service is going down," said Jeremy Browning of Arkansas. "The charges for luggage is getting out of hand. If they want to charge for luggage, it should just be part of the ticket."

United Airlines is introducing its new airline fare -- Basic Economy -- next year. If a person selects Basic Economy, they can only bring on one personal item, like a purse.

Their carry-on bags that usually go in the overhead bin will have to be checked and they will have to pay a baggage fee.

The airline says this won't affect customers who select United economy or business class, which can bring both carry-on and the personal item on, with no cost.

Still, some folks believe United Airlines is being a little greedy.

"It seems to me the airline is trying to make every dollar they can. Every business in America is trying to make ends meet. From what I read, there's been a lot of success in airline businesses, they are making a lot of money. Now that doesn't seem to be fair to charge for an overhead bin that's there," said Joe Perrotti.

In a statement released to the Newswatch 16, the airline says Basic Economy provides an option to fly for less.

"Basic economy will simplify the boarding process and create more overhead space on board, helping improve our on-time departure performance. Economy allows us to compete with all carriers as we strive to serve our broad customer base."

For others, this upcoming change means one thing -- pack light.

"I got a pretty empty bag so that's as light as I can get, right? You need something," said Drew Pagon.

This new fare with United Airlines is scheduled to begin in January 2017.


  • Think again

    If they post such records net profits then how’s come they still owe the taxpayers billions in bailout like Chevy still does?

  • GovtGreed

    What a comment by Joe Perotti! Of course it’s any businesses sole purpose is to make money! They wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t because us folks who own businesses don’t just have a business to see your smile and sell you things at cost! We have family and mortgages and car payments also! It doesn’t surprise me though the give me attitude people today have when a government like ours gives and gives. If you don’t like the cost don’t fly! If you really wanna know why things are so expensive it all falls back to the cost to run government as these legislative branches used to be volunteer work back in the day and should resort back to that! They offered us gambling in PA to offset property taxes and guess what they lied and all that gaming revenue is now building and repaving streets in filthydelphia and stadiums in Pittsburgh . Remember the farmer gets less then $.10 a gallon for that milk you pay $5 for

    • JacksInCharge

      In 2015 UAL reported full-year net income of $7.3 billion, not exactly a hardship case. They realize that travelers don’t have many options, other than flying, to get where they want to go in the shortest time possible so why not pile on these annoying charges to get every cent out of us. They also know that the rest of the industry will follow. The best thing that could happen is that customers reject this nickel and dime treatment and stop flying United, otherwise we will all be paying to use the in flight bathrooms on all airlines in a few years.

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