Hunters Still Recovering from Sullivan County Flooding

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MECHANICSVILLE -- Rifle deer season comes to a close this weekend, but for one organization this season never really panned out the way its members thought.

For many hunters, evenings during hunting season consist of relaxing in a cabin, sitting back and enjoying yourself. But for one Schuylkill County club, there was no hunting cabin to enjoy in this season.

In the Hillsgrove area of Sullivan County in October, water poured over the road after overnight flooding, destroying the cabin that the Mechanicsville Game & Fish Association used for hunting.

"Our club would come up, people would come up every weekend to use it. Now we have nothing," John Wagner said.

"There's no one that has gone up. There's nothing to go to. Everything is completely gone," said association president John Evans.

Evans admits this deer season has been tough for members without anywhere really to go.

"We're just hunting locally or different places or wherever we can go," said Evans.

"It was good to get away with a bunch of guys. A bunch of guys go away up there and hang out and tell deer stories and hunt. Now we can't do that, unfortunately," said member James Keefer.

The cabin up in Hillsgrove is nothing more than just a dirt plot that's been leveled. As for what's next, the Mechanicsville Game & Fish president says that's still up in the air.

"We have no idea. We're waiting on our insurance company on if any, or whatever we can get from the state or federal government."

It's another waiting game for hunters but instead of waiting for deer, they're waiting to see if where they'll be hunting this time next year.


  • Mud Pies

    “…or whatever we can get from the state or federal government.”

    How many of these guys do you think voted for Trump and have been champions of “small government?” I guess smaller government has different meaning when it’s your property washing away instead of someone else’s.

  • Big Deal

    Hunting cabin? Big deal there is families up there whom lost their entire house yes that’s right their house! Where they live ! Who cares about a bunch of drunks telling lies around a fireplace in a cabin full of farts and pork rinds!

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