Christmas Tree Mystery in the Poconos

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- It isn't too big, it isn't too small.  It only stands a few feet tall. Wrapped in cheer, but wait until you hear, where this Christmas tree is near.

"I love it. I have no idea who does it, but it brings the Christmas spirit here to us," said Ashley Heller, Long Pond.

This lonely little tree can be seen on Interstate 80 in Long Pond.

Wrapped in a little garland with just a bow and a bell, it's a holiday tradition people here know all too well.

But who decorates this tree? It's a big Pocono mystery!

"I think it's really cute. I think it's really cute that people get involved and I think it's cute someone does it anonymously," said Tina Leigh Manuel, Long Pond.

"It's like little Christmas elves come and decorate that little lonely tree. I have no idea who does it, but it's the greatest," said Heller.

The cedar has an American flag on it all year round, but during the holidays, it turns into something straight out of Charlie Brown.

"It's beautiful. It's festive and it's nice that someone goes out of their way to do that," Noreen Graham, Long Pond.

So do people want to know who decorates this tree? The answer is no. Let it remain a Christmas mystery.

"It's the little things that count. You know it's not a giant present. It's something memorable and all those things go together," said Manuel.

"It's wonderful. I love that somebody goes out of their way and it's cool that it's a secret," said Graham.

"It's great, honestly it's great. We have no idea who does it. I mean someone takes the time out of their day every year to do it. I love it," said Heller.

Though the means are meager, they do the most.  With this sad old cedar duct-taped to a post.


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