Christkindl Market Opens in Mifflinburg

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MIFFLINBURG -- Thursday marks the start of Christmas for one community in Union County.

Market Street in Mifflinburg is almost unrecognizable as it is filled with more than 100 vendors selling food and crafts. The 28th annual Christkindl Market is underway.

For three days, two and a half blocks of Market Street are transformed into a German Christmas market. There is authentic German food including strudel, schnitzel, and sausage.

Saint Nickolas makes his way around the festival, and if you're lucky, he will give you a gold coin.

Christkindl Market is free but donations are welcome.

We found some ladies who got an early start to the shopping.

"You're transported to Germany. I've never been to Germany. I've seen it on TV, the Christkindl markets. This is the closest thing to being there. This little town, this just brings life to this town and it makes it so special," said Rose Mabus of Mifflinburg.

"All of the things here, you don't see anywhere else, especially located in one central place where you can come see it. And the food is outstanding," added Mary Rolinc of Lewisburg.

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