Barletta to Remain in Congress

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HAZLETON -- Congressman Lou Barletta has announced he is turning down an offer from Donald Trump to join his administration.

Barletta was at Trump Tower meeting with the president-elect last week. He said then he was asked to consider the position of Secretary of Labor.

Thursday morning, Barletta issued a statement saying he will remain in Congress and thinks his relationship with Trump will help him have a stronger role there.

Barletta represents Pennsylvania's 11th Legislative District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Barletta was an early supporter of Donald Trump, appearing at rallies with him throughout the campaign, and serving on the presidential transition team.


  • Seneca

    Makes you wonder about the rest of the story. Was Barletta even a finalist, or did he just turn down the chance to “consider”?

    At any rate Trump & Co’s calculus seems quite evident here. Barletta and Marino are of more use to the next administration as members of Congress. And they will also be more useful to the national Republican apparatus in building party support here in Pennsylvania. And the Republicans will need it in their bid to unseat Wolf and Casey in 2018.

  • Joe

    I’m glad Lou lives (rent free) in Steve Corbitts head. I’m also glad Lou ignores StevE CoRbit’S little radio show. Go Lou !!!

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