State Police: Victims Live on Facebook Before Deadly Crash

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- State police say the two young women who died in Tuesday's crash in Monroe County were live on Facebook at the time of the wreck.

Brooke Hughes, 18, from Scranton, and Chaniya Morrison, 19, from Dunmore, died just after midnight Tuesday.

The live video appears to show the moment their car was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer.

That video has since been removed from Facebook, but troopers are looking at it to try and figure out why the women were traveling slowly on Interstate 380 south near Mount Pocono.


  • Life cut short.

    Why everybody is passing judgement on driving abilities is beyond me. You have no clue as to the circumstances.We all had those moments we would done things differently. TROLLS need to do the same.

  • Young

    First of all they don’t know who was driving so stop r family is going through enough without hearing all the b.s. comments I what if they were being young n dumb we all were they thought they were invincible like we all did just stop please

  • Tom J.

    “Hey, we’re limping down a high speed highway with a flat tire, let’s post this live on Faceb……………..”

  • Matthew

    Society never disappoints… the same people cursing social media are on here giving their two cents when they obviously don’t know exactly what happened. How bout we let the Troopers conduct their investigation and stop the speculation and show a little respect, huh? Two, young girls, someone’s daughters are dead and you sickening people are on here calling them “idiots.” None of us know what happened but clearly they didn’t deserve to die and that’s the result of something bad happening that no one could’ve forseen. Go hug your children, and if you pass by a mirror on the way, look at yourself and be ashamed.

    • Kenneth

      I have that video. It wasn’t taken down. Mathew is correct with his assessment. Hug your kids and pray you never have to see your child die on the internet.

      • Junav

        Can you please send me the video? I used to live over there and Brooke was my friend. I kind of want to see it.

  • CeeMe

    This BS about texting, using social media and doing anything other than driving while driving, needs to be severely punished. This accident might never have happened, otherwise.

  • Joe

    Wow, look- another person posting on facebook and getting attention. Another absolutely awful outcome due to wanting to get attention via facebook

  • Annoyed

    If people read right they had a flat tire they were probably driving slow so they didn’t lose the tire for god sakes….

  • james "the rook" chessman

    So they are in a disabled vehicle crawling along the interstate and the first thing they decide to do is facebook live? Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Franko

    “…troopers are” trying to “figure out why the women were traveling slowly on Interstate 380 south near Mount Pocono”…
    Hummm… couldn’t be that the roads were a mess and PennDot was doing their usual crappy job of waiting to the last minutes to take care of I-84 and I-380… While WNEP was busy saying that the roads were fine and it was light wet snow, the Wayne County area was getting hit, and there were cars stuck all over the place… so Maybe, just Maybe, the 18 yr old was driving slow because of the roads, now granted, being on FB could contribute but without knowing who was holding the phone or if it was in some form of dash holder you can’t conclude much… And as someone who used to be a trucker, too many of these newer truckers drive too fast when the weather conditions get crappy, and why, because they are being pressured by their companies for on-time deliveries and to get their before their Federally Mandated 70hr work limit for the week or the 11hrs of driving for the day, runs out, after all, they only get paid if the wheels are turning, they don’t get paid when they are stuck in traffice or have to pull over for bad weather…

    • keith hinkel

      Bad weather, PennDot usual non work/efficient, driver being cautious, texting by passenger has nothing to do w/driver—BUT—trucker going too damn fast—truckers think they own the roads—CRASH! DEATH! Hang that trucker.

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