Rig, Train Collide in Lackawanna County

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RANSOM TOWNSHIP -- A tractor-trailer and a train collided Wednesday morning in Lackawanna County.

It happened just before 9:30 a.m. on Main Street near Ransom.

No one was hurt.

Railway police are investigating the cause of the crash in Lackawanna County.



    Thank goodness nobody was hurt. There have been so many big rig accidents lately. They need to slow down! Get some sleep and stop relying on caffeine and pills to stay awake.

    • Thomas

      this clearly happened on the property of cascades. nothing to investigate. Driver didnt stop and check tracks. Speed had nothing to do with it

      • Mike D.

        You weren’t there Thomas, I was. Nothing to investigate, huh? People were there all day investigating. The driver of the tractor trailer was leaving Cascades after getting his truck loaded, and got caught on the train track because the jack stands were down. Speed was not the issue. Less than 10 minutes later, the train came down the line and the engineer locked the brakes up but couldn’t stop in time.

      • Thomas

        Hey Mike D, Are you a butt hurt liberal? Yes, nothing to investigate that involves the news, wnep, citizens voice, or any other butthurt liberal media. Thank you for relaying to us his “landing gear” not “jack stands” was down. Jack stands are the things they put under the nose of the trailer when its dropped. Secondly, being he was stuck, its clear the train DIDNT see him in time to stop.

      • Mike D.

        Train did see him. Blew the horn several times to warn everyone. He threw the emergency brake on and the locomotive was shaking, but he still couldn’t stop in time. Just not physically possible. Perhaps you don’t understand what’s involved with stopping a train going 35mph (answer, more than the 200+ yards he had to react to). Jack stands = landing gear. Call them what you want (and you know right where you can stick them…). Fact is, they were down, so yeah, that’s part of the investigation doncha think? Especially when the driver claimed they were up when he left.
        People like you need to stay off comment sections like this, b/c you don’t know jack s–t, blaming everyone for speeding and not watching where they were going, when neither had ANYTHING to do with the accident. So take my advice. Stay offline.

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