Troopers Identify Two Killed in Monroe County Crash

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP --  Two teens are dead after a late night crash in Monroe County.

According to troopers, a tractor-trailer ran into the back of a slow moving car in the south lanes of Interstate 380 near Mount Pocono just after midnight Tuesday.

Police say a tractor trailer hit the car that was going slowly, killing the teenagers inside.

Those teenage girls were friends and both from Lackawanna County. Brooke Hughes, 18, of Scranton, was driving and Chaniya Morrison, 19, of Dunmore, was the passenger.


Troopers say Hughes was driving slowly because of some kind of tire problem.

When the car was hit from behind, it collided with the guide rail on the southbound lanes of Interstate 380 and burst into flames.

Troopers say because of all the damage to the car, they can't tell exactly what was wrong but say the car did have a donut tire on it.

Witnesses have also told troopers that there may have been a problem with the tail lights on the car which may explain why that tractor trailer hit the car.

Both Hughes and Morrison were pronounced dead at the scene.

We do not know where the girls were headed or just what they were dealing with driving on the highway.

State police have done a reconstruction of the crash but there's still a lot of information to gather before troopers decide whether the driver of the tractor trailer will face any charges.

Friends of the two victims are stunned by their deaths in this crash.



  • Yours Truly

    Reguardless that driver should have paid attention to the road ahead of him. It’s kind of hard to miss a car that is going extremely slow . Two young girls lost their life and no parent should ever have to face that regaudless of who is at fault and so many look to play the blame game. The truck driver has to live the rest of his life knowing his truck killed two girls and a lot of family and friends have to go through life knowing they have two less people to smile at everyday. Show some respect to the lives lost and affected by this. Prayers for the families of those two young ladies and the driver of that truck who was injured himself.

  • Dragonheat13 (@Dragonheat13)

    According my experiences; if a driver hits another driver in the rear, it is automatically their fault. The girls were going slow, then he should have slowed down too until he has a chance to pass. There is no excuse. All I can think about is what if one of these girls were my kid. Too sad.

  • natalie

    I don’t know the full story but it made me think about how some trucks are up your butt until they change lanes….if this was the case, shame on that driver! God bless the two girls and their families xo

  • Chris

    Put him to jail no matter what with light or with out lights these trucks drive behind people’s. Ass like they don’t care if they going to hit it happens to me all the time

    • Ignorance is bliss

      You don’t even understand how devastating that driver is going be after leaving the hospital. Two poor girls lives were taken that could have been prevented. It is not the drivers fault.

  • troutlover

    And yet again a big rig driver kills innocent driver due to inattentive driving! When is the Federal government going to crack down on the CDL drivers by reimposing the two speed mandate! 55 for big rigs and 65 for cars! These rigs must also have “black boxes” that record speed so losing a CDL can be enforced. Stop the carnage on or highways NOW!

    • God's Left Fist

      Shut it, fish face. Reportedly they were driving between 10-20MPH in the driving lane with no hazard lights. At 55MPH it wouldn’t have mattered. But by all means, blame the professional driver instead of the inexperienced amateur.

    • Lisa Rhinebeck

      My Husbands company along with many others do have real time, in them an the company’s do warn them if they are going over the limits. I have lost a child that was 18 in a car accident an also have a husband that is a Truck Driver & also a Driver Trainer… It is not always the drivers fault. But either way it will be on his CSA score, & he will live with it for the rest of his life as well. He may have kids the same age. But whoever let those girls drive a car that had a donut an possibly no taillights should be held accountable. If your driving an unsafe vehicle on the roads then it is your own fault! Period… Then you shouldn’t be on the road..

  • William

    Was there when it happened those people were driving 5mph in the driving lane. They were supposed to be on the side of the road with flashers on. That’s why the tractor trailer hit the car, if the car was on the side of the road then the crash would have never happened.

    • William

      Let rephrase: I was there after the accident happened but my co-workers said they have pass the slow moving car and almost hit them.

    • hugh mungus

      Driving slow is what caused this accident it sounds like. I wouldn’t be surprised if the car didn’t even have hazard lights on to warn how slowly they were moving. Speeding isn’t the only cause of accidents you know.

      • Tina

        unfortunately there is a live video of the girls in the car during the impact. That truck was going extremely fast. So sad, the live feed was on for 8 minutes before any passing cars stopped.

      • Matthew

        They were young, inexperienced drivers who probably didn’t know how to handle a flat tire on the highway, and were probably trying to make it to an exit. Pulling over on a highway is just as dangerous, if not more. I always tell my wife to drive on a flat until she can get off an exit. NEVER change a flat on a highway. The lingering problem is once again, speeding trucks and inexperienced truck drivers. Trucks fly on 380, especially at night. You can’t use the excuse “trucks need more time to stop.” It’s not at train. You need to be in control of your truck at all times. This idiot should be charged with double manslaughter and our leaders should lay down heavy penalties on these truck drivers.

      • Bob

        No matter what you must pay attention to the road ahead of you and the sides of you. Checking your mirrors every 3mins

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