Talkback 16: PennDOT, Pipeline, Penn State

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Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the Dakota Access Pipeline, Penn State football, and a caller wondering why it takes so long for PennDOT to build bridges.

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  • Kathleen Quinn-Farber

    PLEASE read my email in response to the caller who reacted to the pipeline demonstration in Tamaqua. People need to be educated! Yes, we all use fossil fuel . That’s the only choice the majority of us have. The BIGGER issue here than this particular pipeline and Standing Rock’s water, is that with every new pipeline built , every new fracking site, and every dollar spent developing fossil fuel, the more we become dependent on it….and the less money gets put into clean energy. Do people not realize we have had the technology in place for two decades to develop and utilize solar, wind and water sourced power? I mean make enough to power everything!! Not to mention the fuel and everything else that could be made from hemp. Big business is oil. Its why our boys are dying at war. Its all about money and oil. How long are we going to desecrate the earth by poisoning it and robbing it?

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