Swim Team: Where are the Pictures?

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BERWICK -- When you hire a photographer to take pictures of weddings, reunions, or other events, you expect to get those photos back in a timely manner.

An area swim club paid hundreds of dollars to have team pictures taken of their kids last year and they're still waiting.

There are 54 kids, some as young as 5, competing for the Berwick Swim Club. Last December, the swimmers posed for team and individual pictures, pictures they never received.

"Usually we have our team photos by Christmas," said Tracy Guerriero.

Guerriero paid $80 for a team picture and individual pictures of her three kids.

"Where are those pictures? What are they doing with them, if anything?" she asked.

Dakota Rasimas of Dakota Jo Photography should have the answers. She took the pictures and she took at least $500 from parents.

Swim club president Jana Koval says the photographer was supposed to have the pictures ready 11 months ago.

At this point, we're in limbo," said Koval. "I kept getting messages from her saying, 'Oh, the printer is backed up due to the holiday,' all these other kinds of excuse after excuse."

By spring, Koval heard enough excuses. The swim club took Rasimas to court and a magistrate awarded the club $630.

But Rasimas still hasn't paid up, though her social media pages show she's still working.

"She's taking Christmas photos, wedding photos, newborn photos, everything," said Koval.

We paid a visit to the address listed for Dakota Jo Photography. No one answered the door or the phone.

Later, Dakota Rasimas called Newswatch 16 asking us to not run this story. She emailed the swim club, saying, "because of my own irresponsibility, I made the mistake of not following through with the business. I would like to give you my full apology and please ask what I can do to make this right."

The parents say it's not just the money. The pictures represent the hard work these kids put into their swimming.

"It means something to me because when I get older, I'm not going to have anything to reflect back on that," said 12-year-old swimmer Sophia Guererro.

"It's a shame that we're missing that one portion in our children's sports careers," added Tracy Guerriero.

The swim club hired another photographer for this year's team pictures and parents already have them. But they still want either a refund or last year's pictures from Dakota Jo Photography.

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