Stocking Up On Winter Supplies in the Poconos

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MOUNT POCONO -- Petra Rodriguez from Tobyhanna isn't worried about stocking up on milk and bread just yet. What she is worried about is her slippery sidewalks. That's why she stopped at Ace Hardware in Mount Pocono before any snow or ice hits the ground.

"Going to be snowing! I think 1 to 3, but when you're in this mountain, it can be 4 to 5, so this is basically it. I don't want to slip and slide," said Rodriguez.

At Ace Hardware, managers tell Newswatch 16 people have been coming in left and right to stock up on all the winter essentials like rock salt, spreaders, shovels, and more.

"People really started picking up and realizing that winter is here, getting new shovels, stocking up on salt. They don't buy it as they need it anymore, they get ready for it," said Robbie Aston, Ace Hardware Manager.

A lot of the salt bags are left over from last year's mild winter, but with more snow on the way, managers are eager to get these bags off the shelves.

Some shoppers we spoke to don't think we will get lucky with a mild winter twice. They plan to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

"You have to be prepared for everything, especially living up here."

Others like Jeff Hein from Tobyhanna have been prepared for snowfall for quite some time. He learned his lesson about waiting last minute a few years ago.

"I've had the plow not work for the first snow of the year and that's not good at all. Especially when people need you to do their driveways and stuff," said Hein.