Drivers and Business Owners Glad to See Bridge Reopen

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A lot of drivers headed over the Fourth Street Bridge into the Newberry section of Williamsport are used to seeing orange construction signs.

"It was really a mess here for a while with all of the construction. It did seem like it was lasting forever and ever and ever," said Shannon Wanamaker.

Some of those signs are now covered with tarps. Others have been taken down. The $3 million bridge reconstruction project is almost complete.

"I noticed that it was reopened and that there were no more cones and so I thought that was great,” said Wanamaker.

Work on the bridge started back in March. Wanamaker avoided the bridge during construction.

"I would actually take an alternate route because it was taking me too long to get to work," said Wanamaker.

While one construction project is complete, there is still roadwork going on in the area. Some business owners tell us they are worried about construction projects that may be going on this spring.

"When they do the whole reconstruction of Fourth Street, that's going to be the big thing because spring time is really my biggest time of the year," said Steve Shaffer.

Several of the stores at the Newberry Plaza tell us they had fewer walk-in customers during the bridge construction. After over 20 years in business, Steve Shaffer from Willard Battery Outlet tells us he's grateful his customers found a way around the construction to his store.

"People need to get to me so I'm sure they will find a way to get to me. There are some people haven't been here so what are you going to do,” said Shaffer.

This bridge construction job isn’t complete. Crews will be back out in the spring to paint the bridge and pave.