DPW Crews Prepare for Snowfall in the Poconos

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- Township supervisors in the Poconos are making sure they have enough salt and plows ready for whatever Mother Nature might bring us Tuesday night.

It was a busy day for many DPW crews in the Poconos. Roadmasters we spoke to tell us they are more than prepared with enough salt to coat the roads; a lot of the inventory is still left over from last year.

Tobyhanna Township Superintendent of Public Works Ed Tutrone made sure his crews were ready to hit the road.

"We have the trucks loaded, and we have the snow plows put on once we get called in to come to work. We usually keep them off until then and we just wait for the phone call to come in," Tutrone said.

In Tobyhanna Township, crews are not wasting any time. The salt trucks are already getting filled so workers are ready for whatever Mother Nature might bring.

The townships shed has plenty of salt to get crews by before a new shipment comes in. A lot of it was left over from last year's mild winter.

"We try to keep a full shed at all times just for the sake of that if it does turn into a bad winter like we had a few years ago," Tutrone said.

In Paradise Township, it's a similar atmosphere with salt stacked and high trucks ready to go at a moment's notice.

"We are going to load the trucks up and if it does come, we will be ready to rock and roll. We are on standby," said assistant roadmaster Chad Nauman.

Nauman says whether it's a dusting or a big snowfall, five trucks are ready to go out and clear the 33 miles of road the township is responsible for.

"We are prepared for anything. Every year is the same, just get ready for it. You never know with Mother Nature."

DPW crews are also reminding drivers to be patient while crews are working. If you're on the road with a plow or salt truck, do not try to pass and definitely don't speed.