Slushy December Morning

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Your ride to work or school might have been a bit more complicated Monday morning after an early morning storm dumped a few inches of snow on parts of our area.

A lot of people in our area woke up to this a few inches of slushy, wet snow.

A few plow and salt truck passed on Northern Boulevard near Clarks Summit to clear the road.

It was up to Matt Williams to clear a mini mart parking lot.

"We're in construction, so we kind of want it to stay decent, but when the weather is bad, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow because we'll make some money that way," said Williams.

Last year's mild winter wasn't a big money maker for Williams. He hopes to do better this year.

The early morning snow put Williams back behind the plow, and it forced others to alter their routine, like leaving early for a pre-work errand.

"I did come out a little bit early in case the roads were a little bit slushy, so I had no trouble at all," said Debbie Cornell of Jermyn.

So it was in and out of the market in Waymart and on to work in Honesdale.

As far as northeastern and central Pennsylvania snowstorms go, this one was minor, only a few inches, but it did serve as a reminder that winter has arrived.

Before David Murray could go to work inside his insurance business along Belmont Street in Waymart, he had to scrape the sidewalk outside.

"I love winter," said Murray. "I like the cold. It's northeastern PA. There are certain days when we get a foot of snow, it's not so fun, but other than that, I do like it."

By mid-morning, the snow had either stopped, or turned to a light rain. What wasn't plowed or scraped away slowly melted.