Price Chopper Denies ‘Rumor’ of Sale

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The report that a popular grocery chain is being acquired by another company may be unfounded.

Last week, several national media outlets reported another grocer, Albertson's, was in talks to buy Price Chopper for $1 billion.

But Price Chopper officials have since responded, saying, "It's a full-blown rumor and we don't respond to rumors."


  • BAM

    Wally world always plants a store near other grocery stores like PC and Gerrity”s you will also see low income housing close by as Bush said it’s called Strategy it’s a win win for Mr Wally and Albertson Inc only a matter of time people go where prices are low bottom line!!!

  • Sam I Am

    PC wants out of the PA Market except for the Montrose store, it’s a ploy to get Weis ( fact ) back to the bargaining table for a buyout.
    It’s only a matter of time.

  • Consummate this rhetoric

    Notice how they are still calling it a “rumor”, which could still be true. If they are so reluctant to expose their dealings, I wonder what kind of deal this is!

  • Bob Johnson

    And Mona Golub has NO reason to be less than totally truthful? Consultants told the Golubs to put the company up for sale, just earlier this year!!

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