Walkers in a Winter Wonderland

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- There’s a special holiday display outside Gracious Living Estates near Montrose with Santa, his eight reindeer, and Rudolph.

But Santa doesn't have a sleigh.

walkers-christmas-display2He's got a red wheelchair and the reindeer are walkers.

"We have a lot of walkers hanging around being that we have so many residents that use them and we just went with them, we just went with it,” said Samantha Barnhart, an administrator at Gracious Living Estates.

The staff at the retirement and assisted living facility wanted to do something special this holiday season. For weeks, they worked to put it all together.

They handmade the reindeer heads. They say the horns were pretty tough to do and in the end, they had a show-stopping display.

"When we first drove through, my dad was like, that's the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. I just buy stuff from Walmart and call it a day,” said Darlene Warren, a student caregiver at Gracious Living Estates.

susq-walkerThe display is drawing attention from near and far.

The residents who live at the retirement and assisted living facility are happy.

Resident Agnes Holbert, said, "I think it's absolutely gorgeous, I mean it's so clever! I mean, I was amazed when I saw it and I couldn't believe the help here made it!"

The folks at Gracious Living Estates say they're already planning to bring this display back next holiday season and they're already thinking of ways to improve it.