Free Fruit Program Promotes Healthy Eating

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STROUDSBURG  -- A grocery store in the Poconos is hoping to promote healthy eating with a new free fruit program.

ShopRite in Stroudsburg is now offering free fruit for children to munch on while their parents shop.

Cassandra Foehr from Henryville and her little girl often come to the ShopRite in Stroudsburg to get their weekly groceries. On this visit, Foehr was surprised to see a shelf in the produce section packed with clementines and bananas. These pieces of fruit are free for children to take.

"I think it's awesome," said Foehr. "I think we should really have children eating more healthy these days. It's not in the schools as much so it's definitely a plus."

It's all part of a new free fresh fruit program by ShopRite grocery stores. Children 12 and under get a free piece of fruit while shopping with a parent.

The program started earlier this month.

"I think it's good," said Sally Zhou of Stroudsburg. "My kids tend to open the bag and I try not to make him open but it takes a half hour, 40 minutes to shop, so he wants something now, so it's better. Also opens kids up to a variety of food."

Parents think the fresh fruit program is a great idea, especially during the holidays. It allows kids to grab something like a banana instead of a bag of cookies.

Leron Alston, age 10, and his sister didn't shy away from the fruit; they loved it!

ShopRite in Stroudsburg is the only location participating in the program at this time in Monroe County.

Several other ShopRite locations in New Jersey and Maryland are also offering the program.

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