First Day of Classes at the New Lewisburg Area H.S.

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Students hurried to class after the bell rang inside the Lewisburg Area High School. But many did not know where they were going.

"It's so big and there's so many stairwells so it's hard to know which stairwell leads to where. You need a map," Bailee Dyroff said.

"Just trying to find out where to go," Roman Mercado-Bonanno said.

"We had some teachers ahead of time, we told them to station themselves just to help because it's a much different layout. So a lot of questions with, 'Where's this room? Where's that room?" Assistant Principal Eric Wetzel said.

That's because it was the first day of classes inside the new high school. The $36 million facility has been in the works for about six years.

"To see their reactions, to see their expressions as they walk into this new space and make it their own," Wetzel said.

Wetzel gave us a tour of the new building. It looks a lot different than it did back in September when Newswatch 16 stopped by to check out the progress. Two months ago the majority of the school was not finished.

There are still some areas of the school that aren't finished yet, but the administrators are making do and the contractors are coming after-hours to finish.

"The main thing is just the gymnasium. And the gym is able to use another large-group instruction room up until winter break and then and then we should be good to go after that," Wetzel said.

Even so, the students we spoke with are excited about their new school.

"It's amazing. It's so big. It's state of the art, so everything is just, it's a great place to learn," Dyroff said.

"I really love it. It's so much more expansive. There's so much more room to walk through the halls and stuff," Mercado-Bonanno said.

If you'd like to see the new Lewisburg Area High School up close, there are some open houses coming up. The school will be open the next two Saturdays from 9 a.m. until noon.

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