Briggs Sentenced to Life Term for Role in Murder

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MONTROSE -- A woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for her role in a murder in Susquehanna County.

Sarah Briggs was sentenced Monday morning at the courthouse in Montrose.

Briggs and Jerry Mast stabbed Roy Marvin more than two dozen times in February of 2015 along a road in Great Bend Township.

The pair then tossed Marvin's body down an embankment by the Susquehanna River.

The father of two young girls was taken from his family over a plan prosecutors said Briggs and her boyfriend had to kill Marvin and take his car and money.

"We want everyone to know Roy was an amazing young man. He will be greatly missed. His children will never have that father, they’ll never have a father figure," said Marvin's aunt Carolyn Grausgruber.

Marvin's mother passed away several months after his murder and his relatives blame the killers for crushing the family.

"Our holidays don’t have one empty chair, they have two," added Grausgruber. "Quite honestly, it took a part of every one of us, it destroyed an entire family."

Now, without even so much as an apology for taking Roy Marvin's life, Briggs is set to serve out a life sentence at a state prison in Lycoming County.

"She doesn’t care, she never cared about her own family, she doesn’t have any morals or values or anything. She’ll never realize what she did," said Marvin's sister Stephanie Button.

Mast pleaded guilty last December and testified against Briggs. He's scheduled to be sentenced later this month.