No Fire, but Firefighters Save Woman’s Home in Another Way

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LAKE TOWNSHIP -- Firefighters came to the rescue of a woman whose home wasn't on fire but was in need of major work.

Last week, Newswatch 16 told you about the efforts to fix the woman's roof in Wayne County. This week, they finished the job.

The firefighters traded hoses for drills high up on a roof near Hamlin on Sunday.

Diane Cron had a gaping hole in her roof after a contractor left the job unfinished last year.

Members of Hamlin Fire and Rescue found out Cron needed someone to make repairs and spent the day doing just that.

"Oh my god, my heart was lifted," Cron said.

Cron is thankful these volunteers helped restore her home. Not only did they fix the roof, they also cut down a tree that was threatening to fall on the house.

"I just think there is an angel from the Hamlin Fire and Rescue. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I would be living," she said.

Firefighters sealed most of the cracks and holes with plastic last week, but now they completed permanent repairs.

"Putting the tin on the roof, finish the roof with the tin, doing the cap and closing it for the winter," explained Assistant Chief Allen Shiffler, Hamlin Fire and Rescue.

Patching the roof on a century-old home was no small task. The steep roof it made it difficult for firefighters to work, but they were determined.

"We're firefighters. The main concern is the community itself, number 1 in our book saving the community," said Josh Parry, Hamlin Fire and Rescue.

Cron hopes this message of togetherness spreads.

"I just wish there were more people in the world like these people. Their character is extraordinary."

Now, with a complete roof over her head, Cron plans to open her doors to help the homeless.

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