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Update: Jill Stein Says Fight for Pennsylvania Recount Not Over

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Jill Stein, Green Party nominee for president in 2016. Official portrait obtained from Jill presidential campaign.

UPDATE: Jill Stein announced late Saturday night that the fight for a recount in Pennsylvania is not over.

On Facebook, Stein posted a statement Saturday night from Jonathan Abady, lead counsel to the Stein recount efforts:

“Make no mistake–the Stein campaign will continue to fight for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania. We are committed to this fight to protect the civil and voting rights of all Americans. Over the past several days, it has become clear that the barriers to verifying the vote in Pennsylvania are so pervasive and that the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem that we must seek federal court intervention. As a result, on Monday the Stein campaign will escalate our campaign in Pennsylvania and file for emergency relief in federal court, demanding a statewide recount on constitutional grounds.”

Original story:

Earlier Saturday, the Green Party presidential nominee appeared to be dropping her bid for a statewide election recount in Pennsylvania.

Citing a major cost placed on voters due to a court ruling that says the voters requesting the recount must pay a $1 million bond, Stein also said she will be making a “major announcement” regarding her next steps in the recount process at a 10 a.m news conference Monday outside Trump Tower in New York.

“The judge’s outrageous demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a shameful, unacceptable barrier to democratic participation,” Stein said in a statement. “This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters. By demanding a $1 million bond from voters yesterday, the court made clear it has no interest in giving a fair hearing to these voters’ legitimate concerns over the accuracy, security and fairness of an election tainted by suspicion.”

Later Saturday she tweeted that the expense of the recount was cause by elected leaders.

“#Recount2016 is so expensive because of elected leaders who have refused to invest in a 21st-century voting system.”

Stein has spearheaded a recount effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — three battleground states where Donald Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton.

Pennsylvania is not the only state where recount efforts are running into opposition. Michigan’s attorney general, a Republican, filed a suit to stop a recount in his state Friday and Trump supporters in Wisconsin this week have also tried to stop the recount in progress there.

Stein raised nearly $7 million to fund the recount efforts, following news that security experts alerted Clinton’s campaign to the possibility of hacks in key counties in those states.

Despite the fact there’s been no credible evidence so far of election tampering, Stein has maintained in recent interviews — including with CNN — “you cannot tell unless you’re actually counting paper votes.”

Clinton’s campaign has sent its lawyers to participate in the recount process to “ensure that it is fair to all sides,” Marc Elias, the campaign’s counsel, wrote in a post on Medium earlier this week.

Trump has dismissed the recount efforts as a “scam.”


  • God Bless America

    HRC lost, Stein! Give it up already! People know you’re trying to over turn the election. List your donors. George Soros one of them??? Clinton Foundation?? #Pizzagate?!? Stein is a walking SNL skit! Got Pizzagate ladies?
    On Pizzagate:
    Public is watching TLC! We get that ‘Map’, Clowns, Fishing, Camping, Sharks, Ice cream, Pasta, etc. That scavenger hunt party, with the boys & girls having their own routes may be a red flag. That parent was accuse of child abuse in a court of law (public records). Filmed in Pa., you bet the public is alert. Thanks to your client publishing it. – Keep kids safe. Exposed those that don’t!

  • Jack Irvin

    Typical liberal commie cry baby when they don’t get their way, people like her and hillary are why I left democratic party after 45 years of voting, obama was a big reason also

  • Conroy

    Even if hillary gets the delegates for here it won’t give her the delegates she needs to win. So have fun with your wall and all that “greatness” NEPA brown shirts. And when the sh*t hits the fan I’m sure you’ll all blame Obama or something. And not your own short sighted stupidity.

  • nevin walter

    as a pa voter if this get our vote delayed and they do not count i will start my Owen law suit against her and clinton for this.there is no reason for this and we the voter did not and do not want a recount. why should it cost pa tax payers the bill when she got 7 million to do this scam job

  • Robert J Mills

    This woman is an absolute nut. The only people that are crazy as she is are the ones that are giving money so she can enrich herself.

  • rcarson79

    Stupid! Everything is done on computers. You walking, get a card, and vote. Takes about a minute. If it screws up then it must had been hacked. I think that is highly unlikely. Just go to the closest bar and drown your sorrows into a Yuengling. :,(

  • Wake up

    You are Spitefull people posting here… Red State paradox. They know they are poor and take the most from the Federal monies being doled out per capita.. They Don’t care. It’s a them against us thing and it has finally morphed into the Ugly ,mean-spirited,spiteful thing it is.. To stoop so low as to vote against ones self-interest shows just how spiteful all this has become. The poorest in Mississippi and adjoining states will no longer get free or very low-cost health care. Overtime pay that was just enacted will be thrown out the door. Medicare,medicaid, and Social Security are about to be put on the chopping block and yet you have those who were the poorest voting for this guy out of blaming everything on Mexican ,Syrians and building a wall that will never be done as the cost will be prohibitive. Make America great again just got a punch in the face in the 1st round with Carrier wanting to move to Mexico and it seems that a bribe was the only way to keep half of the workers working and you know in a few years they will be phased out. This could not be more unreal and it’s going to get even better. All over just plain spiteful meanness .

    • Wake up

      Amazing it took all but 3 minutes to get 4 thumbs down..That tells you that wnep is infested with trolls with many ID’s. Spiteful little-minded meanies ,aren’t they?

      • poonus

        I downvoted you because you are annoying. Stein missed the deadline, this article could have been boiled down to two paragraphs. HRC lost, then conceded, Stein is trying to steal the election back and losing cash doing so .. complain about more stuff with your big words, but do tell me more about how Trump is evil, and Hillary’s emails have links to Satanists and pizza-gate pedos. at least then I would maybe believe something you say…everyone is so mean!!! boohoo boohoo, and you all hurt my feelings in my safespaces…boohoo boohoo. this is why you got downvotes… lots of writing, having nothing to really do with Stein and her missing the deadline. when I suggest people wake up, it’s usually because they can’t see what I’m saying…we all know what your saying, and it seems you are the only one that needs to wake up.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Delusional, lying little lemming aren’t you? Somewhere there’s a cliff with your name on it, and don’t forget your friends too.

  • Jackfrost

    No one cares Mr Stein just go home and go to sleep like Bernie did and after your game playing and just maybe the DNC will buy you a house in Florida like they did for feel the burn LOL!!!

  • Franko

    SHe is such an idiot… Remember people, regardless of who has popular vote, that only counts for all the other political races, not the President. Instead of crying “recount”, maybe they should be crying “get rid of the electoral college”. Though it’s difficult because it’s been tried over 700 times in the past (that fact comes right from the electoral college itself).

    • poonus

      Hey- without the EC two states (CA and NY) would have total control every election cycle, selecting all presidents because of their populations.

      I for one am glad that the EC works the way it was intended to give everyone else in every state a say in the selection process.

  • Brian Blair

    What is she going to do replace Trump ballots with Hillary Ballots? So she needs the money to pay for their silence? lol

  • Hillary makes Joe Biden look like a genius

    She missed the deadline is all….it’s not more complicated than that, but it makes her look less stupid by blaming it on ‘pervasive barriers.’

  • Be honest

    If Trump got 2 million votes more than Hillary and lost (that’s how many more she got than Donald). Be honest, you would be screaming “Rigged”

    • Brian Blair

      It’s called a electoral college idiot! We are not a democracy! We have never been a democracy. America is a constitutional Republic. And it protects from mob rule and protects the mob. That is why everyone wants to come to America. It’s freedom.

    • Marvin

      Take away the illegal votes in California and Trump would win the popular vote as well as the electoral vote.

    • GO AWAY STEIN !!!!!!!

      You are 100% right I QUIT. Follow the money right to HRC. Both Stein and Clinton belong in jail. We voted now it is over. Hope you have all that money to give back. Not fun at the motel river.

  • TrumpSucks

    Trump is a SCAM!! When the next recession comes, everybody will see that, including the idiots who voted for him. :)

    • poonus

      next depression is going to be thanks to Obama- the guy in office for the last 8 years- spending more then all the elected presidents combined, after Bush started two wars- that Obama is still involved in. …everyone will know he’s the guy who caused it, by spending more then the US makes.blame Trump all you want, he’s not even in office yet.

  • Bonni

    All I see here is a desperate aging woman determined to hold on to her 15 mins of fame and make a name for herself in history to be the first person to try to wreak an entire election. Democrats and Republicans are satisfied so what’s the issue? Did she think she should have won?

  • Trump won

    Stein wasting her time and money. 7 mill raised for recounting efforts ? Yeah right , probably all funded by The fake Clinton Foundation monies , that were supposed to go to Haiti victims.

    Make sure you take away all the undocumented illegals and dead peoples votes from clinton too while your at it.

    Because, honestly why would you try this recount now 3 weeks after election? Stein should have demanded this the day after elections. Fishy

  • Ghjjjnvv

    trump has won. Thank the good lord for that. After reading about pizzagate I’m absolutely sickened by the Clintons and anyone who supports them needs to read about it because if someone like that should be in jail and that is just being humble. God bless America and for our president elect trump

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