Woman Arrested, Two Suspects Sought in Carbon County Assault

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SUMMIT HILL -- Police in Carbon County have arrested one woman in connection with a robbery and kidnapping in Summit Hill.

Authorities need help finding two other people suspected of being involved in the crime.

It was about two weeks ago that police in Summit Hill found a woman beaten and bloody on the side of a road. That woman told police she was picked up by a friend and then attacked by two people in the back seat of the car.

Authorities have arrested that friend and now they are hoping for help to catch the others involved.

"She was picked up by a friend. They were going to different locations, and they decided to pull off to a secluded area on Mountain Top Road in Summit Hill," said Summit Hill Police Chief Joseph Fittos.

Authorities have determined that friend is Kerri Blasko of Coaldale. Blasko has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and false imprisonment.

Summit Hill police believe Blasko lured the woman into a car and drove to the secluded area where two accomplices allegedly attacked and robbed the woman.

The two accomplices were in the back seat of the car.


"They choked her, they stabbed her and they beat her."

Police say after the woman was allegedly beaten, stabbed, and robbed, she was then pushed out of a car and left on the side of the road. She was eventually able to flag down another car and get some help.

"I can't believe people would do that, especially to someone they know," said Ashley Chesser.

Chesser lives just across the street from where the woman was attacked in Summit Hill and is glad police have made one arrest. She hopes authorities are able to quickly locate Amber Neff and John Russup, the two remaining people charged with the robbery, beating, and false imprisonment.

"I've noticed the police, I mean they are seen a lot more up here now."

If you know where Amber Neff and John Russup are, police in Summit Hill want to hear from you. Both suspects have arrest warrants out for them, for aggravated assault, robbery, and false imprisonment.

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