Getting a Lyft in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- There are several new options for getting around in Scranton, including the ride-sharing service Lyft that started on Thursday.

The app-based ride-sharing service Lyft launched in Scranton.

Lyft, the California-based company, uses a person's cell phone to connect with a driver.

Lyft will now join Uber, McCarthy Flowered Cabs, Yellow Cab, and soon Burgit's City Taxis as ride services for people to get from place to place.

The app is already in cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles but folks here were a little surprised that the service is now in Scranton.

"I think of bigger cities like Philadelphia and New York, and but, I mean, Scranton is kind of a big city so that makes sense," said Andrew Girmin of Pittston.

"It's definitively interesting around here we always joke about it when we come back from the courthouse because it rains and we don't want to walk to class. I don't know, I think it will be helpful," said Matthew Coughlin of Jenkintown.

For students without cars on the University of Scranton campus, having multiple taxi services makes it easier to get around.

"I can get to all the stuff I need, like food. I can get to the movies. I can get to that because I can't right now," said student Lizzie Cordone.

Cordone admits that she uses Uber regularly and would have to see which one is more cost-effective and safer.

"If Lyft is cheaper, I would use Lyft over Uber, but I think Uber is easier to use and I know that it's safe so I would be a little hesitant to use Lyft."

Now that Lyft is operating in Scranton, it is offering first-time riders $5 off their first ride.


  • Millie the Pool

    We always take uber to the kielbasa fest and bingo on tuesdays. Gene is the best and sometimes he has the smidgens

  • K

    To Andrew Girmin of Pittston, Scranton is NOT a Big City..Its very unfortunate that you think should leave the County more.
    To Matthew Coughlin of Jenkintown, This is the problem with Millennials. Don’t be LAZY, buy an umbrella and walk to class.
    To Student Lizzie Cordone, There is a thing called Public Transportation. Maybe you have seen a few buses driving by..that is what we call Public Transportation. The fee I believe is around $1.25/ride, the company is Colts.

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