Bed Bugs Hit Wilkes University Dorm

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WILKES-BARRE -- Bed bugs have hit a college dorm in Wilkes-Barre.

Wilkes University called in a contractor to finish cleaning the rooms, but some students feel the school should have acted sooner.

A sophomore at Wilkes University showed us marks all along her back and on her arms.

"I didn't feel it at all when I was sleeping or even right when I woke up," she said. "You don't have to be dirty to get them; they just hop on you, and go on their way."

She says she noticed bite marks from bed bugs after sleeping in her dorm at University Towers on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre.

"If I have it--and I've heard other people have it--then there's no saying to where it is or isn't."

The bite marks looked a lot worse about a month ago when she first realized her room may have been infested.

Officials with the school say they immediately started treating the seven affected rooms once they were aware of the bed bugs, in a thorough three-part cleaning process.

But the student we spoke with says Wilkes University was slow to act on her complaints.

"This is something that just can't be thrown under the rug. It needs to be dealt with now so it doesn't get worse and worse so it doesn't get to when they can't handle it at all."

Now, she's not sure she ever wants to return to her old dorm room.

"Being this close to the end of the semester, I don't think they really understand this is putting me out because I have to do all my work for the semester, study for my finals."

Officials with Wilkes University say the rooms should now all be cleaned. They also offered students other dorm rooms.



    From what I have learned bed bugs “travel”, they are “carried” from items and/or a person(s) coming from an invested environment into a clean environment. So it will not make any sense to relocate students to another dorm. It is only be a “cycle” effect as mentioned in a previous comment. It will be NIGHTMARE. I saw it happen to a bar/Inn in Moscow. It “never” goes away unless you hire a professional exterminator & COMPLY with what he says to do.(Which many patrons/tenants refuse to do). Point blank.

  • Halloder

    Moving students room to room will make it worse. They live in/on everything. So taking items from one room to another will just bring them to the clean room. They will be in the vents. They will go from effected the rooms, into the shared bathrooms then into the neighboring rooms. It will be a nightmare. Plus the person(s) who has them will go home for Christmas break and bring them back again.

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