Wilkes-Barre Township Police Step Up Patrols

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Area police say car burglaries are on the rise. It often happens in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In Luzerne County, officers are trying to curb those car break-ins.

Police say shopping plazas can be a magnet for thieves trying to break into cars. There are plenty of cars but not much security.

"We do see an increase in break-ins," said Wilkes-Barre Township Officer Matt Godlewski.

But Wilkes-Barre Township police are stepping up patrols around the Wyoming Valley Mall and big shopping plazas.

"We do our best to be out there, be visible, but we can't be everywhere at once," said Officer Godlewski.

Police also advise you to do your holiday shopping in several trips, that way you don't leave a lot of valuables in your car at one time.

We found some shoppers actually making sure not to leave anything behind in their cars when going shopping.

"Everything comes with me, and I don't bring a lot with me when I come to town," said Tanya Konopinski of Sweet Valley.

Shoppers are also reminded to lock their car doors and park in well-lit areas.

Irlene Miller does that, plus she makes sure to always shop with her daughter.

"You're not going to like this, but my daughter carries, so I'm not worried."

Dawn Gross carries when shopping.

"You have to protect yourself. So we go to the range every couple of weeks."

Police say if you do see a car breaking happening to call them. They also say car break-ins mostly happen at night, although on occasion, it does happen during the day.


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