High School Students Test Their Skills

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SCRANTON -- High school students were put to the test Wednesday in Lackawanna County, but instead of paper and pencil, they had hammers, drills, scissors, and screwdrivers.

Johnson College hosted the SkillsUSA competition for high schoolers looking to enter the workforce after graduation.

These high school students have a big test. One group is building walls that could go into a house, another group is putting together the cabinets that could be hung on that wall.

These are skills these students hope to use when they're out of the classroom and in the workforce.

"We have a lot of openings for carpenters out there and to see the young students coming in, male and female, and they do great work. It's going to pay off in the big run," said Johnson College's Todd Campbell.

Throughout Johnson College's campus in Scranton, high schoolers participated in the SkillsUSA competition. Many of them are already in specialized programs such as heating ventilation and air conditioning.

There are more than 130 students from 10 different high schools competing in close to 30 different skills and soon there will be a first place winner in each of them.

While first place was the immediate goal, many of the kids saw the bigger picture.

"These kids are mostly my graduate year.  These are the people you're going to be trying to get a job from and competing against them to get that job," said Gunner Collum, Hanover Area High School.

"I feel like I am evolving as a person, I guess, becoming an adult, per se!" said Christian Good, Susquehanna Community High School.

While growing up can take its time, these students at least are prepared for what's ahead.

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