Some Positions, Majors to be Eliminated at Marywood University

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SCRANTON -- Some positions at Marywood University in Lackawanna County will not be filled as the school reworks its finances.

Marywood's president released some details of the university's financial restructuring plan for 2017 through 2019. It includes the elimination of less than 10 positions left empty by employees retiring or leaving.

Additionally, some majors with low or zero enrollment will be eliminated and changed to minors. Included programs are philosophy and home economics.


  • Emily Marie

    My friends mom works there. She makes $8 an hour where most jobs doing the same thing anywhere else would pay double that. She says they treat the employees really bad and they rip the students off on room rent, food costs, and everything. I thought nuns weren’t supposed to be abut profit?

  • Parent of a Pacer

    This is so disgusting. That school has lost its values and looks like all they care about is dollars and cents. It used to be a symbol in this town- now it is a low paying employer that lays people off at Christmas and cuts the arts. Sure, you have to be realistic, but I paid for my child to go to a Catholic liberal arts university and since day one she has seen the only thing they care about is MONEY. One year and we feel like they sold us a scam I’ll be sending her somewhere else next year.

    • jeezelouise (@nbarrasse)

      Agreed. I have friends who have worked there or work there and many of my peers have attended Marywood. What Marywood is failing to mention is all the layoffs and terminiations the have initiatived. The whole employees “leaving” is not all on their own decision. The school has consistently been on a decline since the new library was built and in the past 2 years. Many of the employees are underpaid, unappreciated and the students are pushed through programming to profit. Good luck on your daughter’s education and it’s a smart move to send her elsewhere.

  • Laughing

    But remember, all of you that are disappointed that the Democrats lost, that Obama and the Democrats are still insisting that the economy has gotten stronger and has gotten better…

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