Pearl Harbor Memorial Planned for Courthouse Square in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Lackawanna County's 9/11 Memorial Committee showed pictures Tuesday of a new plaque that will be placed on Courthouse Square in Scranton to honor Lackawanna County natives who were at the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The plaque will be installed in front of the courthouse on December 7, the 75th anniversary of the attack.

It took the committee nearly two years to compile a list of names. Committee members said 35 people will be on the plaque.

At least one of the people on the plaque is planning to be at the dedication ceremony.


  • Just sayin'...

    Boy, somebody’s making a pretty good buck with all those “memorials” littering the square. Not long ago you had an unobstructed view across the lawn. Now it looks like a glorified cemetery. But hey, it’s just a plaque THIS time.

    • Karie

      Dear just saying…those men and women gave their lives so you can be free… Have some respect! They deserve that!

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