On the Hunt for a Hatchimal

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Hatchimals are interactive animal toys that hatch out of an egg, and right now, they are nearly impossible to find.

People are scouring stores and the internet for the hottest holiday toy that retails for around $60, but it's selling online for hundreds of dollars.

"My cousin has a daughter and they went to go get them and they're like nowhere to be found,” said Cara Grifonetti, a University of Scranton student from New Jersey.

Newswatch 16 went looking.

The folks inside Target in Dickson City said they do not have any Hatchimals. They told us just the other day they did get a shipment of Hatchimals, and there were folks standing in line at 4 a.m. waiting for the store to open so they could get in and get them. They are flying off the shelves.

Newswatch 16 also called stores in Allentown, Pottsville, Saint Clair, Williamsport, Lehighton, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and the Poconos.

No Hatchimals anywhere.

Some folks say this is just a passing thing, like popular toys of the past.

"Tickle Me Elmos were one. The Cabbage Patch was huge, and those people were fighting in the hallways of stores. I remember that,” said Tammy Daniels of Lake Winola.

The manager at Toys R Us in Dickson City says right now, there are no Hatchimals. They get a shipment in about every seven to 10 days and when they get that shipment it's usually only six to eight Hatchimals. There are people lined up before the store opens. The first few customers get a ticket and they have to come in and claim those Hatchimals behind the store counter.

"We've been searching everywhere, every store. We've been looking online. Everything is out. We can't find them anywhere, so we've been just waiting to see if they come into the stores, patiently waiting and putting on a list for Santa. Hopefully Santa will find something and get them for us,” said Lynn Coulthard of Dunmore.

If folks are lucky enough to find a Hatchimal, most stores are limiting them to one each.

Every store official Newswatch 16 spoke with says they don't know exactly when they will be getting their next Hatchimal shipments or how many will be delivered.


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    Im Sorry, What About This “TOY” Is Worth $60.00??
    Seriously Parents, for $60.00 you could take your child on some educational trip…They will survive if they do not get this ridiculous toy..

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