Luzerne County Could Be First in Area to Add $5 Vehicle Registration Fee

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UPDATE: Luzerne County Council postponed voting at its meeting Tuesday night, saying it needed more time to review its options. Council's next work session is set for December 13.

WILKES-BARRE -- Luzerne County Council is expected to talk about possibly cutting about $2 million from the budget Tuesday night.

Also on the table is if the county should tack on an additional fee when drivers get their vehicle registrations renewed.

In most counties across the state, it cost drivers $36 every year to renew their vehicle registration fee. But now, Luzerne County council is talking about adding a $5 fee on top of that.

That money would be used to help repair county-owned roads and bridges, like Hillside Road near Dallas. It’s a crumbling county-owned road. It's among more than 150 miles of roads owned by Luzerne County.

“There are potholes. There are constant issues with these roads,” said Luzerne County manager David Pedri.

Pedri wants the county council to enact a $5 vehicle registration fee.

So far, a dozen counties statewide have adopted the fee, including  Cumberland, Fulton, Blair, Allegheny, Bucks, Westmoreland, Dauphin, Chester, Greene, Cambria, York and Montgomery Counties.

If Luzerne County Council passes it, it'd be the first in our area to do so.

“This is not something that any of us in working government are happy to do. But this is a fee that the county thinks is needed at this point,” Pedri said.

The $5 registration fee would raise about $1 million a year for Luzerne County to help repair county-owned roads and bridges.

Some people say they wouldn't mind paying the extra money.

“As long as it's being spent where they intend to spend it, and it just doesn't just disappear,” said one person.

But many people remember when the state raised the gas tax just a few years ago to fix state-owned roads. They say they cannot afford to give the government any more money and think the county needs to find that money elsewhere.

“That's outrageous, the way the economy's going,” said one driver.

Luzerne County Council needs to pass a final budget by the end of the year.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Luzerne County Could Be First in Area to Add $5 Vehicle Registration Fee…………………

    Tax Tax Tax Tax that’s all liberals know how to do………Liberals are idiots….

  • Sam I Am

    The state has raised registration fees several times using the same excuse, and the roads and bridges are still in disrepair, this is just the same old tactic to fleece the public.

  • David Scott

    Tax the Corporate Welfare Queens.for 36 years they been getting all the Benefits of Trickle Down Economics. We don’t see the Jobs they Promised.We don’t even see the Crumbs from the Bastards either. How about Taxing them We need a Break. We’re Taxed to Death!

  • Stevo469

    $5.00 here $20.00 there when will it end ….I don’t think we should have to pay because some one is not good at planing .If it is so tough and that is the basis for the increases ,well did we just fall out of the tree or do we all suffer from the poor economy.If you can’t afford to make it on what you make as a government….what makes you think we can .Maybe you might like to subsidize my mortgage or my high electric bill or maybe help with my food costs. Maybe we should charge you to live in this area……I mean without us ….we would not need you!!! Just a thought !!

  • Johnathan singer

    What!?!? $5.00 doesn’t sound like much, but add the tax on gas that is supposed to help here. Then the $52 LST tax that is also supposed to help with roads. When is enough going to be enough?

    • Steve

      You said amouth full. Why not cut administrative costs and use the current funds for materials to fix our roads and bridges.

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