Kids Get to See TreeFest in Bloomsburg

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BLOOMSBURG -- Some children in Columbia County got to experience a longtime Christmas tradition in Bloomsburg Tuesday without the big crowds it usually draws.

TreeFest is an event with more than 130 decorated Christmas trees, and some kids had the winter wonderland all to themselves.

There are brightly decorated Christmas trees lined up as far as the eye can see inside the Caldwell Consistory in Bloomsburg. It's part of TreeFest, an annual event benefiting the Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble.

The real trees are decorated by community groups and donated by local growers. The event also benefits people in Columbia County once it is over next week.

"Every tree is stripped down. All of the decorations are bagged up, and then we have families who come in and take the trees and the decorations," Cindy Schultz said.

The event is only open on two weekends, but a few years ago the theater ensemble decided to open on a few weekdays for children with special needs. The Life Skills class from Salem Elementary School in Berwick stopped by to check it out.

"I like that tree," Griffon said. "Colorful, tractors."

Organizers say TreeFest gets really busy so this was a good time for kids to come when there is no one else here to distract them.

"They really enjoyed it. It was a quick visit because it is so stimulating with all the trees and the lights and they really wanted to touch a lot of things and they did a really great job," Linda Krause said.

The class walked around and checked out the trees for free while there was no one else there except their fellow students. Many of the children had a favorite tree, but some couldn't choose!

"I like them all," Paige said.

"Christmas balls on it. It has Christmas balls on it!" James said.

TreeFest is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the public.