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ABC’s Diane Sawyer Focuses on Luzerne County

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WYOMING -- The media spotlight has been shining on Luzerne County since Donald Trump won the presidential election earlier this month.

Democrat-heavy Luzerne County flipped its vote, choosing Trump by a big margin.

Many people from out of the area are trying to figure out why Luzerne County flipped its vote.

ABC's Diane Sawyer is known for interviewing some of the most well-known people in the world. But for a day, Sawyer was interviewing people who live and work in Luzerne County for ABC's 20/20 at Avenue Diner in Wyoming.

"I was a little star struck. I really was because I always admired her," said waitress Debbie Roberts.

"I was surprised! I was very surprised she came into our place!" added waitress Ashley Ostrander.

Sawyer sat in the middle of the diner in the same chair President Obama sat in just before he won his first presidential election in 2008.

"Couldn't believe it!" said owner Dave Krappa. "You never know who's going to come through the door, that's the feeling we're starting to get here."

Sawyer talked to many people having a bite to eat at Avenue Diner about jobs and the economy, among them Kevin McGee, a union member and bus driver for the Luzerne County Transportation Authority.

McGee did not vote for Trump, but he told Sawyer he's slightly optimistic he could bring jobs to the area and grow the local economy.

"You've got to invest in the working class people. The last president to do that was F.D.R.," said McGee.

Several other national and international media visited Luzerne County.

Time magazine photographed and interviewed Kim Woodrosky of Wilkes-Barre. She's a lifelong Democrat who voted Republican for Trump. Time wanted to know why.

"Bringing a businessman to the table is something that I firmly believe that the country probably needs at the moment. And I think it's going to be a breath of fresh air," Woodrosky.

Woodrosky was also interviewed by NPR, and a French newspaper, among other publications. She says the election stretched out her 15 minutes of fame to more of an hour.

As for Diane Sawyer visiting the area, a representative from 20/20 said they were not yet sure when that special might air.


  • GBS

    Not sure why A(lways)B(een)C(linton) can’t realize the people are sick of the bull crap stealing and lying and cheating the last 30 years and the huge failure of the cure administration the last 8! Get over it and prepare for what was promised 8 years ago and that is CHANGE FOR THE GOOD AND FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Fred

    another leftist liberal reporter interviewing the little people with a puzzled look on her face who can’t believe that America is done with Hillary Clinton.

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