Spending Cyber Monday at the Mall

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- Just like shopping malls have Black Friday and smaller stores have Small Business Saturday, the internet has Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest internet shopping days of the year, and many websites are hold huge sales.

Not everyone likes to shop online, however, and we found plenty of people at the Lycoming Mall near Muncy and the Susquehanna Valley Mall near Selinsgrove.

There are sale signs in basically all of the store windows. We spoke with some shoppers about why they prefer the mall to the internet.

"I do not do Cyber Monday at all. I like to see what I'm buying," said Hilda Neiswender of Northumberland.

Neiswender says before this was known as Cyber Monday, it was known as "Deer Lonely Ladies Day" for shopping. That's because it's also the first day of rifle deer season in Pennsylvania.

"The husbands go out to do the deer, but my husband is retired and doesn't do the deer anymore, so this was our chance to go out and pick up those last minute things that we didn't get," she said.

"If you're shopping for clothes and stuff, it's easier to try stuff on or to get it and be able to return it," said Kristen Blair of Selinsgrove.

With many people choosing to find deals online, some stores saw less foot traffic.

Most of the stores at the Susquehanna Valley Mall also have websites, so what they're missing out on in foot traffic, they can make up for in internet sales.

"Our guys are just as busy pulling for those customers, not in the store, out of the store, and shipping them out. So it's a different kind of busy. Traffic through the store not as much, but workload probably just as much," said Matt Hirsch, district manager at the mall.

"Some of the specials online are good and then as far as here in the mall, they're also pretty good as well," added Blair.

As the holiday season moves along, the malls will extend their hours. Of course internet shopping is open all the time.

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