Police: Men Beat, Rob Victim in Northumberland County

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Yusuf O. McLaurin (left) and Alshameer A. Patterson (right) are accused of beating and robbing a man in Watsontown.

WATSONTOWN — Two men face charges after a beating and robbery in Northumberland County.

According to police, Yusuf McLaurin, 18, and Alshameer Patterson, 19, both of Sunbury, lured a man to Railroad Street in Watsontown Saturday morning. They then attacked the victim and stole his wallet and cell phone.

Police caught the suspects a short time later in Milton.

Both men face a slew of charges and were locked up in the Columbia County jail.


  • jim

    Hopefully they will be home for the holidays….in the lock up
    Next since probation means nothing to these two. Give them some hard labor ….just maybe that will be a deterrent…

  • Supporter of America

    And people wonder why I always carry an XD40. Way too many drug-heads, losers, and just plain nutzo people out there. Wish Trump would deport these people……or maybe our government just step up and stop listening to bellyaching liberals. We all have to make choices in our lives about who we are and whom we hope to be.

    • bigjoe43

      You’re the second who said about deportation. These two clowns were born in the US, New Jersey to be exact. So deport them where?

  • What happened to these nice little towns

    Listen here young fellows ! Or should I say Old looking young fellows ! ( Yusuf ) If you continue on this path, you may beat up on a guy who is carrying and shoots you both on the spot ! Now go get an honorable job, and stop thinking the helpless looking victims are helpless, as they may be packing a .357 – So turn your lives around

  • Donamick

    and they want to take away our guns. these two pieces of s*** should have been shot. they look very proud of what they have done.

  • What happened to these nice little towns

    Yusef looks 38 not 18 ! Middle Eastern Desert Sun must of been hard on him growing up !

  • bigjoe43

    Alshameer Patterson was being charged with what’s listed below. He pleaded guilty to the count in parenthesis. He was supposed to be sentenced on Nov 28. He was out on bail. I guess he done messed up.

    Aggravated Assault Held for Court F1 18 § 2702 §§ A1
    Kidnap To Inflict Inj/Terror Held for Court F1 18 § 2901 §§ A3
    (Conspiracy – Aggravated Assault Guilty Plea F1 18 § 903)
    Conspiracy – Kidnapping For Ransom Held for Court F1 18 § 903
    Unlawful Restraint/ Serious Bodily Injury Held for Court M1 18 § 2902 §§ A1
    Simple Assault Held for Court M2 18 § 2701 §§ A1
    Recklessly Endangering Another Person

    • WTH

      That’s disgusting! All those charges and he’s walking around the streets like he’s some normal average joe citizen! Disgusting!

      • bigjoe43

        With regards to the listing of the charges:

        He was being charged with multiple felonies. Even though he “pleaded guilty” to one, he waived the rest of the charges to court. He should not have been released on $10,000 bail. Especially considering the charges were assaults. His bail needs revoked and he needs held until the completion of BOTH cases.

        With regards to blaming Trump:

        Trump IS NOT in office. Obama is. Obama is the one who left the borders porous and insecure. I’m glad he’s leaving. I’m pleased Clinton isn’t going to be president. She wants to keep the borders open and allow for the influx of refugees to come in. And before you say that we need to do this, why don’t we ask Europe how it’s going taking care of the refugees. Oh, wait…

  • WTH

    Hopefully those “slew of charges” will keep them both away fro awhile! Maybe they’re young enough to get their act together!

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