Early Black Friday Shoppers Bag Bargains

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DICKSON CITY — Hundreds of serious Black Friday shoppers spent the wee hours of the morning on the hunt for big bargains.

At the Home Depot in Dickson City, lines started two hours before the place opened.

“(I) come for the poinsettias every year,” said Bob Dalton.

Poinsettias were the reason people pretty much power walked their way to these plants for a sweet deal — 99 cents!

And the poinsettias weren’t the only popular item at Home Depot. An artificial Christmas tree that normally sells for around $200 bucks was on sale for $79.

At nearby Kohl’s department store, the place was open around the clock and business stayed steady. ¬†As for those must haves there?

“Jewelry, clothing, toys, anything,” said Shirley Valentine.

At Toys R Us, there was a steady flow of families. The big ticket toy and at Walmart was Hachimals.

And you can’t forget televisions. A 55-inch flat screen went for around $300.

“Went through about eight to ten pallets in an hour and a half,” said Walmart worker John Bender.

Even though customers came out by the thousands and stores still cashed in, Black Friday is not expected to be the top shopping day this year. Industry insiders say the Friday before Christmas is expected to be the busiest of 2016.

“People are waiting we’re going to do our next then,” laughed Patty Haley.


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