Deer Hunters Getting Ready for Opening Day

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Come Monday, thousands of hunters will head into the woods to try to bag a deer.

Chase Hottenstein and his family shopped for supplies ahead of opening day for rifle deer season at Gay's True Value in Tunkhannock.

"I like to come here because it's the main place to find scope covers, and it's not as crazy as Walmart," said Chase Hottenstein.

He'll hunt with a few friends and family members, including his nephew Caiden.

Caiden Grabowski's said his favorite part of hunting is, "sitting out in the woods in the quiet."

Employees say the store was very busy from the time the doors opened in the morning.

"They're buying ammo, a bunch of them are buying guns right before the season, hand warmers, heaters," said employee Dave Miller.

Workers at Gay's True Value say some of the biggest business they do this weekend is when people from both in-state and out of state come in and get their hunting licenses.

"Sunday will be a really big day for the out of staters to get their licenses," said Miller.

Some Pennsylvania residents, including Jamie Stanley, were pushing the deadline to get theirs. He plans to hunt with his dad and uncle.

"We all hunt as a family. Whoever gets a deer, we help them out. It's a good family affair," he said.

Just like it is for Caiden. He plans to hunt with his uncle and grandfather and he thinks Monday will be his day.

"Going to shoot a big buck," he said with a smile.

If he's right, he can sleep in the rest of the season. Pennsylvania allows hunters just one buck per hunting license year.


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