Thanksgiving Dinner For More Than 1,000 in Lackawanna County

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FELL TOWNSHIP -- While some people are home cooking for five or ten,  workers and volunteers in Simpson are cooking for more than a thousand.

Employees of Trinity Catering, along with dozens of volunteers, prepared hundreds of takeout meals for delivery for Thanksgiving Day.

"It's awesome. It's so great to see people come together and help. It's overwhelming really," said John Bednarczyk, Trinity Catering Chef.

The catering business has been doing its Thanksgiving outreach to seniors and others in the community for six years.

Volunteers think it's a great tradition.

Maryanne Kearney from Carbondale has been part of the fun since the beginning.

"It's been a long time and each year it gets bigger and bigger and the need is here for it. We all enjoy it, it's like a big family. Once we get here, we don't want to leave," said Kearney.

In this crazy environment, these volunteers know what they are doing. The line goes turkey, stuffing, gravy, snap the package shut and send it right out the door.

All the food is homemade and work to get the meals ready began Monday.

About 1,300 meals are packed up and shipped out.

Everyone's favorite "Mom," Marie Emmett, from Simpson is more than happy to give back to her community.

"It's wonderful, it's wonderful. I also baked cakes and pies and brought them to the other hall so it's been busy and I love it," said Emmett.

The work doesn't end here, after all the take out orders are delivered, another dinner for nearly 300 people is served up at the catering hall a few blocks away.

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  • lore vadella

    ….how wonderful to pay it forward….i know several people on the receiving end of this (yes, i did invite them to come to my home for dinner so that they were not alone)….thanks to all the volunteers, your hard work and thanksgiving dinners are truly appreciated more than you know

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