Thanksgiving at the Fire Station in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT – A group of firefighters in Williamsport spent the holiday at the fire station, so someone would be there in case of an emergency.

Double checking equipment is something firefighters in Williamsport do every day at the station on Walnut Street.

"We come in, in the morning we do our shift change," said Joel Shirn.

This day is different. It's Thanksgiving. A lot of people have off for the holiday, but not Joel Shirn.

"It's just part of the job. I mean you are away from your true family but you're here with your second family so," said Joel Shirn.

Williamsport Bureau of Fire is the only department in Lycoming County with paid firefighters. There are about 30 firefighters on staff. This Thanksgiving seven of them are working the day shift and won't get paid overtime for it.

"People have to be here and it's difficult to be away from your family, but someone needs to do the job to protect the community” said J.J. Lyons.

The firefighters aren't home this Thanksgiving, so community members bring a thanksgiving meal to them, so they don't miss out.

Community members brought in pumpkin pies, but the firefighters working day shift plan to eat some cold pizza and birthday cake for lunch.

"Whatever the Chinese place has open or Sheetz I guess," said Lyons.

J.J. Lyons is on duty, so he won't be able to go home to see his family for Thanksgiving.

"Sometimes people are generous and bring us in food so it's nice and it takes some of the stress of not being home off of us," said Lyons.

While he may not be home, Lyons and the others agree they are spending Thanksgiving with their second family this year at the fire station in Williamsport.


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