Roba Family Farms Ready to Sell Trees for Christmas

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Christmas trees as far as the eye can see.  About 55 acres worth of trees can be found at Roba's Farms near Clarks Summit.

For the owners, it's the annual tradition that's about to begin, but they'll admit they came a long way.

"It started pretty humbly. The first year we sold a few hundred trees now we sell thousands," said John Roba.

They have a variety of trees, one sure to make everyone happy. Certain trees are more appeasing to the eye while others are more sturdier for ornaments.

"We try to grow a variety of stuff because people come looking for a particular tree and leaving with something else," said Roba.

When it comes to buying a Christmas tree, size matters. Roba says to make sure you know how big of a space you have before buying a tree.

"It's very deceptive out here in the fields. Most people end up cutting a tree too big for their house so we have measuring sticks for people so they can get some perspective onto to what size tree they need."

After picking the right tree, Roba's workers cut it down, then use a shaker to shake loose the dead needles, then the Christmas tree is ready to go.

"Our prices are the same that they been the last couple years the average tree is around $50,  so $45 to $60 depending on what size," commented Roba.

Roba's Tree Farm will be ready to sell the perfect tree starting Friday, November 25th.