Power To Save: Recycling Computers

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LEWISBURG  -- There is a place in central Pennsylvania that recycles your old computers, and gives them to people who need them.

Brian McAndrew of Watsontown dropped off his old laptop at MePush, a place that services computers in Lewisburg.

"It could be helpful to somebody else," McAndrew said.

MePush not only services computers; the company on Buffalo Road takes pride in fixing people's unwanted computers and giving them to people who need them.

At last year's computer giveaway, close to 100 computers were fixed up and given away.

"Usually around Christmas time," said Ty Hoban. "What we do is all year round we usually accept used computers from people."

After the computers are dropped off, they're wiped clean and reconditioned at MePush.

Employees say they are looking for newer operating systems.

"Any kind of either laptop or tower computer with Windows 7 or newer, just because Windows XP we really can't give away something that's not supported anymore," Hoban said.

As for monitors, MePush prefers flat screens. They also accept printers.  McAndrew says it felt good to recycle his old laptop.

"The computer I turned in was dying so I thought they could harvest the parts and do something good out of it."

So if you're out shopping for a new computer this holiday season, remember, there is a place in central Pennsylvania to recycle your old computer. Get more information here at the MePush website.