Community Becomes Family at Annual Thanksgiving Meal

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SUNBURY -- There are those who can’t wait for the turkey on Thanksgiving and then there's Rhonda Fisher. Fisher waits all year to feed a room full of people.

Every year for 18 years the woman from Beavertown serves hundreds in need in Sunbury.

“I get very emotional on Thanksgiving day. The angels come out," said Rhonda Fisher.

“It`s wonderful. I think she is such blessing, Rhonda. She really is. It`s such a blessing to have someone in the community to do this for the people,” said Mary Wagner.

Rhonda gets food and clothing donations from the community for the event. She also has a number of volunteers who pitch in to serve. Mary Wagner is spending her thanksgiving away from family, so she can help people others.

“I`ve been wanting to do this for I don`t know how many years. This year I decided, it`s on my bucket list, so I decided to come down and help,” said Wagner.

They don`t just serve hundreds of meals at the dinner in Sunbury, they also serve hundreds more to people who can`t make it out this thanksgiving dinner.

“I would have never thought going from serving 97 my first year. Last year we were blessed to serve 800 meals. I`ve been told we might just break record this year,” said Fisher.

June Culp lives in Sunbury. Her daughter is working this holiday, so she came to Rhonda’s dinner to enjoy her meal.

“If you go away hungry, it`s your own fault. There`s plenty of food to go around,” said June Culp.

“It feels like you`re at home. You know, but with other people,” said Jordan Reinhardt.

As for Rhonda and the other volunteers they'll be serving until everyone is fed or until they run out of food here in Sunbury.