Rewarding Students’ Giving Spirit with Pies

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Another year, another big effort to feed the hungry from students at one high school in Lackawanna County.

It's usually pretty rowdy inside the high school the day before a holiday but at North Pocono High School near Daleville, rowdy was an understatement.

The students were celebrating a successful canned food drive the second year in a row and this time, doubled the amount of food going to help the hungry.

"I think it’s important to learn about giving," said senior Matthew Smith. "We came out in full force last year with about 3500 cans, we almost doubled that this year with 7000."

Classes squared off in a lip synch contest celebrating their school spirit. Then, the reward for all that charitable giving, pies in the face for administrators and custodian and student favorite John Orr.

"Johnny Orr here is one of the people getting pied in the face. Quite honestly it breaks my heart, he’s the nicest guy in the school," said junior Carey Wolff.

The whipped cream pies went flying one after the other. Students on the giving end and principals and Orr on the receiving end. All payback for the good the students did in donating all that food.

"Feels great, the kids are great, this gives them an opportunity to come out do something good for the community and if we can help out that's phenomenal," said North Pocono High School Vice Principal Chris Sload.

A lesson that can't be taught in a book or in class.

Thanks to their donations. Hundreds of families will take home food from the North Pocono Food Pantry.

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