$2.5 Million in State Money to Go to Redevelop Old Hotel in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- The state is giving $2.5 million to redevelop an old hotel in Hazleton that was recently surrounded by controversy.

The state money will go to fix the old Altamont Hotel into retail space and apartments for senior citizens.

The building was most recently a minimum security prison known as Minsec. It closed in 2012.

The overall project to rehab the building has a price tag of $10 million.


  • magicmikexxsm

    $2.5 Million in State Money to Go to Redevelop Old Hotel in Hazleton……………

    And we still can’t get a direct off ramp into the Humbolt Ind. Park to alleviate the Big rig traffic, and massive traffic when shift change happens. so 924 gets destroyed with pot holes every year..oh and Pdot doesn’t even fill them in….

    Yep our good state leaders tossing money at this krap, which will probably go belly up anyway….

  • Millie

    i remember LA Tarone playing the piano in the grand ballroom as i danced the night away with Ashley Longworth. Might have been 1956 57 58.

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