School Officials Warn of Indecent Exposure Incidents

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A school district in Lycoming County is warning parents about a man seen exposing himself to students.

The Loyalsock Township School District issued an alert Tuesday afternoon and it says this isn't the first time students have reported seeing the man.

Parents and students in the Loyalsock Township School District were put on alert after two 16-year-old female students reported that a man in a pick-up truck exposed himself to them Monday after school.

A message was posted on the district's website.

“One of our teachers pulled us all aside after class and explained what's going on, told us to stay away,” said student Kali Kilpatrick.

“It’s a concern,” said her father, Kevin.

State police and district officials say the man was in a parked truck at Westminster Drive and Reed Street around 4:30 p.m. when the two students were walking by.

The man had the window down and began talking to the girls and exposed himself.

When the girls kept walking, the man drove off.

The district says this is the third time the man has been seen in two months.

“He's a sick individual and we have to allow that the state police will handle it and capture the individual or hopefully someone will be able to get a license number or something that they'll be able to narrow it down,” said parent Mel Wentzel.

Samantha Beatty says the school is taking measures to keep her daughter safe.

“She has the police that walk her home every day, usually they're at the school, keep an eye on it,” said Beatty.

“They're a lot of kids down here so, they're having more than just, they're having all the kids be walked home or be watched by adults,” said her daughter, Paige Mason.

The man is described as a white male, with a dark brown beard, believed to be in his late 20s to early 30s. He's driving a two-door white pickup truck, similar to a Chevy S-10.

The district is warning parents to remind kids to not talk to strangers.

“You tell your kids not to talk to strangers. If you don't know somebody, walk away. Stay away. Go get an adult, but the school was very proactive. We got a message on our phones and on our home phone, a message about what's going on,“ said Kevin Kilpatrick.

State Police Montoursville are investigating the reported exposure.

The district asks if anyone sees the man or truck that's being described to immediately call police.


  • tomtom

    waste 400 thou on investigation…decide not releasing info because it will damage paterno family…yet when the frein report came out everyone blamed Sandusky…Kathleen kane was framed…plain and simple…

  • tomtom

    I’m sorry…if this doesn’t get paterno fired, nothing will…now the trainor…cheating in class…oh yeah…blame Sandusky
    again…ashamed to say I’m a penn state grad…

  • Marvin

    Where’s the tolerance? It’s called public artistic expression. Or maybe he just wanted to use the ladies restroom and was asking for directions. Love and peace to all, right?

  • Curtis bigelow

    What police force, Loyalsock doesn’t have a police force. I don’t know why we can’t have one, the township has plenty of money.

      • Curtis bigelow

        Duh yourself, it Takes forever for them to show and all they do is complain we don’t have our own police force. I don’t blame them one bit, I agree we need our own force. State police can’t be everywhere all the time.

      • Bleepnoid

        State police approached Loyalsock wanting to cover the township. Two cruisers cover 5,000 miles of state roads in that 20 square mile municipality. And, with neighboring Williamsport and its 50-man police force, there is less crime in Loyalsock.

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